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Zone Face Lift

Zone Face Lift was developed by Ziggie Bergman from a combination of traditional acupuncture and facial reflexology methods and ancient healing techniques from shamans. 
The Zone Face Lift treatment really is a unique experience, combining relaxing facial reflexology and pressure-point massage with skin-nourishing ingredients and healing herbs, invigorating and lifting massage techniques and crystal facial tools (including Gua Sha techniques) for a truly wonderful therapy to lift the face and spirit! 

The Benefits of Zone Face Lift

The ZFL treatment will be tailored to your specific needs and is aimed at releasing tension, stress and other emotions held in the face to leave you looking and feeling softer, happier and calmer, as well as:
Naturally stimulating collagen and elastin
Tightening and plumping sagging skin
Sculpting the neck and jawline
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Smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles
Increasing oxygen and blood flow
Stimulating lymphatic drainage to reduce dark circles and under-eye puffiness

ZFL Treatment Menu

You can experience the Zone Face Lift in a number of ways, at your option:
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ZFL Products

Each treatment incorporates the award-winning ZFL Facial Elixir, made lovingly by hand and with each bottle crystal-infused for optimum frequency and skin nourishment. The ZFL products used in the treatments have been specially formulated by the creator of the ZFL treatment itself, Ziggie Bergman, and handmade using certified organic ingredients – real superfood for your skin! These products are plant-based and consciously and sustainably sourced to support local communities and women’s cooperatives.
Where required, I may also use supplementary products (depending on your skin’s needs) which I will discuss with you beforehand.

What happens when I book a ZFL Treatment?

Every first treatment must be prefaced with a consultation during which I will go over your health background, run through any contraindications, and find out what you want to gain from the session so that I can tailor it where needed. We will also have a shorter consultation before every subsequent treatment begins so we can discuss your aims for that particular session. (Please see page "Facial Reflexology" for contraindications).

The treatment itself starts with a cleanse and hot towel to help open the pores and stimulate blood circulation, followed by application of the ZFL Facial Elixir for facial reflexology.  

This is then followed by the use of specialist tools (Gua Sha and crystal spheres, gold acupressure roller) together with rhythmic hand movements to massage, smooth and “scrape” the skin, aimed at releasing stagnation and muscle tension, tightening, ironing out fine lines, and eliminating congestion. This part of the treatment is more vigorous as well as invigorating. 

The treatment ends with another hot towel and moisturiser, and a final deep breathing exercise to prepare you for the rest of your day.


You can re-apply make up immediately if you wish, but if at all possible try to allow the skin to simply maximise the benefits of the treatment for a couple of hours at least.

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